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Kroger is an American retailing company founded by Bernard Kroger in 1883 in Cincinnati, Ohio. By revenue, Kroger is the United State’s largest supermarket chain. Moreover, it also holds the position of the second-largest general retailer and the 17th largest company in the United States of America.

Lately, in an effort to know about the complaints, grievances, needs, and the requirements of the customers, Kroger launched an online customer survey and customer satisfaction platform at, wherein the frequent shoppers of Kroger leave the priceless feedback of their shopping experience and in return, they get free 50 fuel points or gift cards of worth $100 or $5000 and 50 fuel pt bonus. Customers do not need to do anything extra apart from filling in the survey.

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KrogerFeedBack Survey
KrogerFeedback survey

The participation in the Kroger Feedback survey will automatically register the customers in the lucky draw to win fuel points, gift cards, food cards, etc.

What is KrogerFeedback?

Kroger Feedback is the online customer satisfaction survey launched by Kroger in an attempt to further amend and improve its services.

By participating in the Kroger Feedback survey, you automatically enter into the monthly contest hosted by Kroger through which you stand a chance to win the grand prize of $5000. Some lucky winners get the Kroger $100 Gift Card or Fuel Points. Moreover, you can honestly tell Kroger what you liked and what you disliked about your shopping experience at the store.

 Kroger Feedback Online Customer Survey Requirements (

Before you go ahead and participate in the Kroger Feedback online customer survey, you require meeting the following eligibility criteria:

  • Since the survey is online, you do require a smartphone, Laptop, or a PC with an active internet connection to participate in the survey.
  • Please note that you can participate in the survey only if you know English or Spanish since the questions are available only in English or Spanish.
  • Minimum age of 18 years is the mandatory requirement for participating in the Kroger Feedback survey.
  • Please remember to participate in the survey in less than 7 days after your last purchase at Kroger stores.
  • You require taking out 15-20 minutes from your schedule to complete the survey.
  • Citizens of all the states of the United States of America are eligible to participate in the survey except people living in Florida and New York.

Now, since you are aware of the Kroger eligibility criteria and requirements, continue reading ahead to know how to take part in the survey or krogerfeedback fuel points survey.

How to take part in the KrogerFeedback Survey (STEPS)

If you are facing any kind of issues while giving the survey, we are here with a series of steps, which will help you to complete your survey at

  • As a first, please navigate to on a browser on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC.

Kroger feedback survey

  • Enter the date and the time you visited the store. You also require entering the “Entry ID” which is present on your purchase receipt. So, keep your purchase receipt handy.

Enter the date and the time you visited the store-kROGERfEEDBACK

  • Next, click on ‘Start’ and start answering the questions displayed on the website. Please note that you require answering all the questions coming up.


  • After you have answered all the questions, the final step is to fill in your contact details and loyalty card details (if you have any) in order to participate in the sweepstakes.


  • Tap on ‘Submit’ and you will receive 50 Kroger Fuel Points.

Questions asked in Kroger Feedback Customer Satisfaction Online Survey

  • The first question asks you the department from where you made your last purchase on Kroger.
  • Next, you require rating the overall experience of your visit from 1 to 5 where 5 is the highest and 1 is the lowest score.
  • After this, you require a rating a few other aspects like the price in Kroger as compared to other stores, customer service provided by employees, etc.
  • You also have to rate how you feel about the cleanliness of the store, the movement inside the store, quality of the product purchases, and how was the response of the billing team.
  • Take your time and consider all scenarios to rate your satisfaction relating to product price, staff behavior, etc.
  • .After filling the survey, you automatically enter the sweepstakes and earn 50 Kroger Fuel Points as well from the company.

What are Kroger Fuel Points  (

Kroger Store offers two types of fuel points, which are Kroger 50 fuel points(krogerfeedback gas points) and Kroger bonus fuel. Please note that giving away free fuel points is not the real aim of the company. The basic reason behind the survey and shelling out fuel points is to know the exact requirements of the customer and maintain its position in the market.

50 fuel points survey kroger feedback

Please note that the service management group manages this survey, and it includes all Kroger store like City Market Food and Pharmacy, Ralph’s and Food 4 Less.

Kroger Fake Survey – Be Aware of Fake Kroger Feedback Survey

If somebody contacts you via social media or any other means and gives you various offers to take part in the survey, it is, indeed, a scam. Please keep the following points in mind in order to stay safe from Fake Kroger Feedback Surveys.

  • Kroger never places surveys on Facebook feeds; you can take part in it via its official website ( only.
  • Kroger will not put popup page on your device.
  • It will never give assurance a coupon for a large number of groceries, such as $70 or $100 in free food.

What are the Kroger Working Hours?

Kroger working hours are from Sunday to Saturday06:00 AM till midnight.

Following are the timings for Kroger Pharmacy Stores:

  • Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 9 PM
  • Saturday: 9 AM to 6 PM
  • Sunday: 11 AM to 6 PM

Kroger Customer Service ( )

If you have any concern you can always call the Kroger Customer Service team which are dedicated, experienced, and professional enough to help you in your requirements. You can either reach the customer service team via online chat or by calling the Kroger’s customer support phone number.

Kroger Customer Service Toll-free number1-800-576-43770

You can ring the Kroger Customer Service toll-free number in accordance with the following timings:

  • Monday – Friday: 8 AM to Midnight EST
  • Saturday & Sunday: 8 AM to 9:30 PM EST

We hope you are now clear regarding KrogerFeedback Customer Survey. If you still have any questions, you can either reach out the Kroger Customer Service team or send us your queries via the comments section provided below.

25 thoughts on “KrogerFeedback – Official Kroger Feedback at Survey

  1. Your website .leaves something to be desired. I used to be able to get to it very easily but now I can’t get to it at all. Alll I want to do is enter for my fuel points. But I’ve tried all sites and all I get is to do a
    survey that I’m not interested in. So thanks for nothing. I don’t really like Krogers anymore anyway.

  2. I have shopped at your store located at 12120 North Division in Spokane WA for the last 20 years. I spend around 6K per year at the store and that is pretty much the only store I shop at. The reason being was the location and the customer service was outstanding. I paid more than Walmart which is near my house for that service and I really appreciated the short time it took to check out. However, with the installation of all the self-checkout machines as of late the lines for the assisted checkout lines are now lengthy and unacceptable to me. I have zero interest in self-checkout and have been forced to use them on multiple occasions because I didn’t want to wait in line. Last night was the last time I will go into that store and will now take my business to Walmart. My rewards number is 509-466-0907 so if you care you can confirm that I’m a very loyal customer. I’m a single person with one child so price don’t really matter to me it was all about convenience and that store no longer provides a good experience.

    Thank you.

  3. Yes I went to the store and Burbank at 2600 West Victory Boulevard I’m an AIDS patient and a cancer patient and when I asked the cashier to bag my $370 worth of groceries she told me I could do it myself or wait until she was done with my order when I asked her to call the manager she didn’t when I asked her third time she did and then she started laughing at me and went finally somebody came over they laughed at me and said why do you get so upset I said I’m an AIDS and cancer patient and he continued to laugh at me I think this is disgusting

  4. Kroger takes kickbacks on RX and discriminates against poor and old people with digital coupons. We live on social security or are low income. I don’t have a smart phone or internet. I had to go to the Library and use a computer to make this comment.

  5. I agree. Your website leaves a LOT to be desired. Finding the right place for the 50 fuel points is practically impossible. Makes me consider shopping elsewhere because the offer of fuel points is misleading since it is so difficult to actually do.

  6. I have only recently been a customer 0f Kroger. I moved to Conway, Arkansas from a small town in northeast Oklahoma which only has a Walmart and a Harps.
    The personnel that I consulted concerning products I wished to purchase were VERY helpful and also VERY pleasant. Shopping there was a pleasure. The
    money saved because of your prices was pretty nice too.


  7. Why can’t I get to the fuil point survey the stupid site keeps taking you some place else the pick and save site was simple CHANGE IT BACK

  8. Those Digital Coupons stink! What happened to cutting coupons out of the ad or better yet how about putting the $ off directly on my Fresh Perks card when I purchase the item? It works for the ‘$5 off 5! If my grocery list has any items that require the digital coupon, I just do my shopping at a different store. You loose my business. Please stop the digital coupons.

  9. Awesome cashiers especially the lady at the service Cheryl she’s really nice sweet lady. But the one with the bleached blonde has attitude isn’t so nice.

  10. Recently my Kroger in springfield closed and I was forced to go to another Kroger. I don’t use Kroger brands but more and more that’s all I see. Or if you offer other brands they are out of stock it’s very frustrating. I have shopped Kroger for over 30yrs I’m very disappointed and going to miejer now they can keep the shelves stocked and I have more choices.

  11. I just returned home from the PAYLESS in Muncie, IN. on Tillotson Ave. Tonight was pretty similar to my other trips.

    1. There was only 1 check-out open other than the “self serve”. I realize that it is more cost effective for Kroger to have customers “check-out” at the do-it-yourself lanes but it is getting old!!!! Why aren’t there at least 2 “manned” check out lanes???? I FEEL AS IF CUSTOMERS ARE FORCED TO GO TO THE “DO IT YOURSELF” LANES. 2.Again, I took one of the motorized carts…and guess what…it ran down in the middle of an aisle. The attendants at this PAYLESS don’t do a good job of monitoring them and turning the signs in a timely manner.
    Are store managers getting a bonus for opening fewer check out lanes thereby keeping costs down?
    I like Kroger and many of the Kroger name brands but I get about as much service there as I do at Walmart or Meijer, both of them CLOSER to my house. Thank you, Cheryl

  12. I am a customer at the Kroger (Fred Meyer) Store in Covington, Washington. My customer rewards card # is 44457824039 8. We have shopped at this store since it was built many years ago and previously at the Fred Meyer stores in Kent, WA and Renton, WA.. Your recent Kroger email advertising Jumbo size bags of Halloween Candy (without any ounces shown to identify the size or piece count of the sale product(s) interested me to go last night to buy our Halloween Candy at what I expected to be a great discount. The displays offered display boxed regular size bags of candy at 2 bags / $7.00. The top layer of the displays had larger bags of Hershey Halloween Candy of 100 pieces (item # 3400093568 and item # 3400093571) of 100+ pieces with your internet advertisement attached to the display boxes containing the larger bags.
    I purchased 3 bags of the first item and 1bag of the 2nd item shown above. On returning home our family opened 1bag of the 1st item. When looking at my receipt later last evening, I saw that each of the bags was priced out at $14.99. When I returned the 3 unopened bags this morning, I was informed that I should have read the small print of ounces on the signs of the smaller bags as this was what the store considers a JUMBO SIZED BAG. Yes, you did get me to pay $14.99 for one of the larger bags displayed only because it had been opened and since the smaller bags on each display are sold in the stores of your competition as normal or regular sized, I can only conclude, that your charging of the full price for the larger bags on your displays which had copies of the Kroger internet advertisement attached to the display boxes (without any stipulated weight or piece count) is a Bait and switch tactic. How many customers do you think were ripped off with such trickery?

    I will now go to your competition and buy our Halloween Candy for less than your 2 bags /$7.00 was offered and the Jumbo bags with the Kroger email advertisement attached that you charged your customers $14.99 for.



  13. Just wanted to say Savanah in Hartselle AL location did an outstanding service for me. After looking for 10 minutes for a product, I gave up and went to check out. She asked if I found everything I wanted. I told her about my search and she sprinted off. Not only did she bring the original version of what I needed, she had gluten free and the light versions as well. Outstanding job on her part!

  14. Deli Clerks – please show some class. When customers come to your delicatessens and ask for a sample of your products or want to check the thickness of the slices of lunch meats that they want, hand them those samples or slices ON A TISSUE. Use tissues WHENEVER you are handing out the product. Using your bare hands (or even gloved hands) is really tacky. Use a tissue. Also, gloves should always be changed before you serve the next customer.

  15. I have shopped at this store at 15200 W 64th Ave Arvada Co since it opened, the help is very friendly, the store is very busy but in spite of that it is well managed. I enjoy shopping at this store.

  16. I continue to shop at Kroger but I ask myself why when I am irritated every time I am there. The particular Kroger I shop at has very few lanes open except the selfcheckout. UInless I only have 3or4 items I despise selfcheckout. If I wanted selfcheckout I would shop at Amazon. I was there this am (Friday) at 10:00. Only one lane was open and it had 4 people in line with sizable orders. I have complained to the staff before but has not done any good.

  17. I have been a Fred Meyer customer at the Lake City store in Seattle for many years. Last week as I did my weekly shopping I wanted $20 over my purchases on my depit card and I was charged $0,50. When I asked the cashier what that was for I was told it was for the $20 cash I wanted back and it was a new regulation from the “higher up’s” who told their employees to explain to the customers that banks charge extra if you use ATM’s out of your network.
    May I remind you you are a grocery store that sells merchandise NOT a bank and I hope some of your other cuastomers feel the same way as I do and find other stores to do their shopping.

  18. I shop at King Soopers in Bergen Park Colorado just to let you know the deli is extremely slow and always has been the store manager doesn’t seem to care. First of all second of all they never have cashiers at the registers When I shop I’m always forced to check myself out at the automated lanes. What really sucked the other day when I wanted to get cash back they just imposed a fee. What’s next before I start shopping elsewhere?

  19. RE: Address: 212 Kroger Way, Kroger, Versailles, KY 40383
    Phone: +1 859 873 7704

    I have shopped at this store since it opened. Despite the classical chaos from being the largest store in the state of KY, and trying to get organized, they have done well and listened to the customers with their website. To improve, I offer the following suggestions:

    a. Personnel should be encouraged to talk to customers (not discouraged as I observed). And yes, train the staff on what to talk about: products offered, how to divert conversations from personal life to commercial products, selling in the aisles, selling Kroger, etc. … whatever the Kroger philosophy you have for your business model. I was talking to one of the employees about what was wrong about the purchasing practices, and why I bought half my products elsewhere, when a manager from another store or headquarters told the guy to “get to work”. We were both pissed. This was valuable info to you, and you almost lost the info.

    b. You seem to leave the product purchasing and displays to vendors. They, in turn, don’t listen to what the customers want, since there is not a mechanism to feedback requests. For example, I have requested Sharp American cheese, which you used to carry. If you don’t offer it, I cannot buy it and you don’t make money. The Boar’s Head company representative won’t even listen when you tell the sales guy in person. So for a period there the largest store was the worst stocked one anywhere of many products.

    c. The Cell phone app has helped correct a major problem with this store that is so large. We can now find things better. Thanks. It tells us which aisle to go to, but BLESS the staff that walks us through the aisles to find the product on the shelf. Many times it is hidden behind other products or the least expected shelf.

    d. I am also very grateful that you have old-timers like Doug. He has answers to questions that even the experienced people at the store don’t. I asked, “why on Earth is the prepackaged chicken coming with chicken flavor added!” The people in the Meat dept. did not have the answer. You will have to ask 90-year-old Doug for the answer. It makes sense and it does not detract from the quality of the product either.

    e. You need to train your managers to interact better with the customers. I was standing and interacting with a customer who commented that the ham slicing machine did not cut his ham properly. He asked for a thickness of number 5, and it turned out as 9 per the chart on the fridge. I suggested to the manager that she needs to have the knob on the slicer calibrated to the chart (it is just rotating the knob and tightening the screw of the knob once the proper slice is attained) that matches the chart). She brushed me off and told the customer buying the ham that it appeared like it was a different thickness, although she wasn’t going to argue with him. He didn’t want to argue either and she left. It was awkward for her. Ben, who has more customer experience practices offering a slice to the customer before cutting a pound’s worth. In all honesty, Ben would be a better manager for many reasons that I would not go through. It is your business, and you have your criterion for what a manager makes.

    All in all, I want to say that this store is a GREAT store, and am happy about how it has evolved over time. Thank you for your efforts and improvements. They are appreciated.


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